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video game lending for libraries


  • Holds CDs, DVDs, Video Games, Audio Books
  • Capacity options: 750, 1500, 2250 or 3000 units
  • High-precision, industrial strength robotic design and construction
  • Complete SIP2 integration with your ILS
  • Supports touchless patron use, where the patron simply scans their card and the device automatically processes their items without requiring further interaction
  • NEW automatic programmable “quarantine” feature places returned materials on hold for set time and then frees them for patron use without staff intervention. 
  • Antimicrobial touchscreen monitor
  • Discs contained in custom slim-line cases (included)
  • Bulk load feature allows staff to insert media with minimal patron disruption
  • Fully customized graphics on exterior
  • Shock resistant structure
  • Optional Features: Reservation module, RFID/Barcode

“As the Central Library of Westchester County, the Mount Vernon Public Library focuses on developing unique and current collections that build on technological advances, and serving the diversity of patrons throughout the county. The Library Media Box™ is an example of these Technological Advances.”

Evania Thompson – Library Director, Mount Vernon Public Library


This unique dispensing machine is built from the ground up with your library in mind. Its modular design holds up to 3,000 CDs, DVDs, Games and Audio Books in specially designed and furnished slim-line cases. The Media Box provides security for your materials since a library card is necessary before the discs are dispensed. The system is programmed to connect directly to your ILS via SIP2 for library card authentication.

Patrons interact with the machine via a touch screen that makes it easy for browsing the library’s collection with a user-friendly menu. There is no staff intervention required for checkout or return of your most popular items, yet they remain completely secure until the patron has been authorized to check them out. If you are currently employing any other type of security mechanism for your discs, the Library Media Box will save significant amounts of time and energy for your staff. If you don’t use any security for your media now, your savings will come in the form of materials that don’t just walk out the door!

The Library Media Box features one console for browsing, receiving, and returning the CD, DVD, Game or Audio Book. Optional browsing/reservation touch screens can be added on side panels or anywhere in the library for multiple users. The entire collection of inventory can be viewed from any PC when integrated into the library’s website with the optional reservation module. Once a reservation has been placed on a disc, the customer merely scans their library card on the Library Media Box to retrieve their disc.

Custom Graphic Wrap Design

  • Add-On Customized graphics to compliment your library look and feel.
  • We design for you or you design in-house.


Model 75020″ d x 87″ h x 50″ w
Model 150020″ d x 87″ h x 98.5″ w
Model 225020″ d x 87″ h x 98.5″ w
Model 300020″ d x 87″ h x 195″ w

All products are manufactured and supported in the USA.