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Oliver Walcott Public Library Is Back For Another Lending Library!

The Oliver Wolcott Public Library in Litchfield CT installed a Lending Library in September of 2010 in a grocery store and they are back to upgrade their machine. (You can read about their first installation here.) After almost 10 years of standing relationship with the Wolcott Library, we are excited to be working with Library Director Anne Marie White and Audra McClaren to install the new Lending Library Machine at the Big Value in Bantam. The OWL Box responds to the busy life of working adults and families. “Libraries are essential and this allows even more residents that full and free access to essential information that entertains, enlightens, and informs,” said White about the first machine installation. The new machine will be funded by grant from a local foundation just as the prior one. Stay tuned for photos to come!

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People Line Up Waiting For The Lending Library Machine To Turn On

That’s right, the people are lining up to wait for the Palm Harbor Public Library Lending Library to turn on. Minutes before the library ever even closes. In Palm Harbor, Florida the Palm Harbor Public Library installed a Lending Library, outside of the Main library, to better reach patrons during all hours that the library […]

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Find Your Library In Unexpected Places!

Visitors to the Mount Forest Sports Complex and Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex in Wellington, ON will see a new sight this year – Wellington County Library vending kiosks. With a valid library card and PIN in hand, patrons can exercise their brains as well as their bodies by checking out items at these two new […]

Library Posts Live Action Video of Lending Library

The Turner Free Library in Randolph, MA received a PIKinc Library Lending Machine in December of 2018. The Lending Library with the Hotspot Touchpac has been installed in a Recreation Center to better reach patrons at their convenience. They made this live action video post to show their patrons how simple and easy it is to use the vending machine. Turner Free Library has gotten lots of great feedback on installing the machine. The Lending Library has the capacity to hold up to 500 items for patrons to checkout and then return to the main library branch when finished with it.


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PIKinc Media Box has more checkouts than any other in the country!

A PIKinc Media box installed in the Paul Sawyier Library in Frankfurt, KY has more checkouts than any other library media box in the country. This machine was a second one for them and was part of the expansion they completed in the Spring of 2018. The media box allows people to check out movies and games all in one location. Usually, the library will put the newest movies and games in the media box to keep them safe. On average, 3,689 items are checked out a month at the movie box.The library lending machine has over 300 items moving in and out of the machine per day, surpassing Redbox at an maximum of 65 items per day.

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Cutler Book Machine Sends Out 300 Books, Adds 200 Library Cards In One Day!

This library is gathering no dust with their new Brodart Library Vending Machine. This Lending Library is wonderfully located across the street from a school in Tulare County, CA and is on the kids’ way home. On day one,¬†there were kids streaming in from everywhere excited about the machine. There were about 300 kids at the grand opening event and 200 of them signed up for new library cards. This is an area where 60% of the population does not have a high school education and 80% are mono-lingual Spanish speakers. There was a whole row of books gone in under an hour and the machine was empty by end of the day. That’s 300 books in one day and by the end of the week, they knew they would have to restock the machine three times a week. This library is changing lives!

Here’s a blog posting about the Lending Library machine:


Lending Library’s Vending Machine Extending Service In Litchfield

This post taken from the Wolcott Newspaper.

Lending library’s vending machine extending service in Litchfield


Residents of Bantam no longer have to visit Oliver Wolcott Library to grab a book, an audio book, or a DVD.

Now they can do it at Bantam’s Big Value Supermarket.

The library, using two grants totaling $36,500, has installed a vending machine anyone with a library card can use to check out materials. Known as the OWL Box, it’s the first machine of its kind in the state, according to Oliver Wolcott Library’s director, Anne Marie White.

“We wanted to reach out to the people in Bantam and others in that area who can’t always get to the center of town,” White said. “Providing greater access to our materials is a goal, and we thought Big Value would be an ideal place to do it.” From the library in Litchfield to the store in Bantam is about 3.5 miles.

The machine, which is roughly the same size as a food or soda vending machine, is stationed at the entrance to the store. It is full of materials library card holders can check out by inserting their library card. Card holders from any library in the state can use the machine.

Mary Tetreault of Bantam has already dipped into the OWL Box and finds it convenient and easy to use.

“If I need something, it’s a lot easier to go there than into Litchfield,” Tetreault said. “I’m sure I’ll use it often.”

The machine has gone over well with Bantam’s senior citizens, Tetreault said. Big Value is close to Bantam’s two senior citizen housing communities and is a pick-up and drop-off point for the town’s senior citizen bus.

Grants of $25,000 from the Praxair Foundation and $11,500 from the Seherr-Thoss Foundation of Litchfield funded the purchase of the machine. Its contents are updated several times a week, White said.

The machine extends the library’s reach to Bantam at no cost to the town, which funds about half of the library’s annual budget.

“We’re offering more without adding staff and overhead,” White said.