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AutoLend Library

The AutoLend can handle the widest range of popular library material types and sizes in the smallest footprint of any product available.

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The AutoLend Library is a full-service outreach and 24/7 access product supporting what-you-want-is-what-you-get charges, with direct patron returns to the device. Material returned can be immediately charged again by the next patron. It has full hold capability, which means patrons can place material in it on hold, request a hold be picked up in it, and expire holds to be marked for the next patron in line for it.  


  • Fee and fine payment features 
  • ADA placement and retrieval management of the material
  • Integrates with all ILSs via SIP2
  • Works with Barcode and RFID
  • Standard 120 Volt power and RJ45 Data Line Jack
  • UL Rated
  • Powder-Coated Sturdy Steel Construction
  • Hi-Resolution 19″ Touch Screen
  • Custom Screen Interaction Branding
  • Custom Wraps Included
  • ARPA Eligible
  • Made & Serviced in the USA


Libraries are essential and this allows even more residents that full and free access to essential information that entertains, enlightens, and informs
Anne Marie White
Library Director, Oliver Wolcott Public Library – Litchfield, CT